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50mm Challenge.

Many people view the 50mm lens as a versatile lens that all photographers should have. I’ve had one for a million years at this point, and I basically never use it. My go-to lens, which is always on my camera, is a 24 – 70mm zoom lens. In my opinion, this lens is very versatile as I can accomplish different types of shots when I am out on a day of shooting. I can zoom out to get landscape photographs and quickly zoom in to get close-up details and portrait shots...all without changing the lens!

The upside of the 50mm is that it has a wider aperture than my zoom lens. The wider aperture allows more light in, which means the lens performs better in low-light situations. The wider aperture gives a shallow depth of field, which means that the subject can be in sharp focus and the background is blurred out. We love to see this in portraits or close-up shots as it helps bring our attention to the subject.

With these benefits, I know I should try to use it more, so for the past week, I've done just that. I challenged myself to use only that lens! It was a great exercise as it forced me out of my comfort zone in knowing exactly what to expect when using my camera. I had to move way further back than I normally would, and it kept my thinking more in the moment about how to create the shots. Here are a couple of the photographs I created during this challenge! (Slide to see the second contact sheet). I think I will keep it on for a bit longer and see what else I can create!


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