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THE 10TH ISSUE! This is my 10th Calendar! I am overjoyed that I have been able to document and present my beautiful country in this type of medium. These calendars make up a a series that has focused on varying themes of Trinidad and Tobago. I believe in creating local content that features the culture, history and beauty of our country. The high-quality calendar, with its 12 gorgeous landscape photographs, not only adds an element of beauty when displayed, but also helps to keep you organized throughout the year. Printed locally as well, this collector’s item has found its way into many homes and offices and makes a beautiful gift for friends locally and abroad. 


Email Also Available at Rainy Days Gift Shop in Ellerslie Plaza and Paper Based Bookstore in Normandie Hotel. Ships worldwide. 



While preparing for this calendar, most of the world was under “stay at home” orders due to the global pandemic.  Trinbagonians both here and abroad, lamented at the fact they could not enjoy their favourite nature spots, promising that as soon as they could, they would not take those activities for granted! With no social or travel plans, going on drives and hikes became fun, reflective, peaceful experiences that broke up the daily routine of being indoors. A renewed love affair with our twin islands blossomed. 


For this calendar, I wanted to present that discussion and reflection of valuing and celebrating what is around us. Paradise is usually linked to an image of a place or a location in our minds but what is often overlooked, is the feeling that one gets from being there. When reflecting on our “paradise” location, this feeling makes us lighter and happier and more centered. Growing up in T&T, with vistas that include vibrant greenery interspersed by the inviting blue-green water around and through the land, the feeling of paradise is so pervasive that one doesn’t even have to be there in person to express the feeling that the memories provide. 


Along with the photographs, I included excerpts of these expressions from several contributors, citizens who live both at home and abroad, who shared their reflections, memories of driving and enjoying various natural aspects of our country! They also share how they feel during this year of pandemic, voicing like all of us a longing for the natural spaces we love. The musings about this land, a paradise, our home, make me smile and I hope they bring joy to you too. 


For the visuals, I chose to feature water – 12 of the beautiful beaches, rivers, waterfalls and wetlands, of which Trinidad and Tobago is blessed to possess. For many, water is a part of us. The sea connects each island to the other and with the rivers, provide the places that citizens choose to rejuvenate themselves. It is the treasure after a long drive or hike, that not only refreshes us but the feeling that is left sustains us. I often wonder how growing up being surrounded by various looking landscapes and views contributes to one’s essence. I think for us Trinbagonians, gazing, or immersing oneself in our warm waters is not only soothing but probably a primordial element of being from Our Paradise Islands. 

The two pages at the back have additional information about each image. They were chosen out of many others to be able to present a good mix of places that are easily accessible, have interesting historical, cultural or environmental attributes and provide an opportunity for us to explore and celebrate Trinidad and Tobago.

$100TT / $20US - 12-month Calendar - 12 inches x 9 inches (closed) - Features the main holidays of T&T, USA, Canada, UK - Gives info about each theme - Room to jot down schedule - Ships Worldwide