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I have been creating calendars for the past 11 years! I am overjoyed that I have been able to document and present my beautiful country in this type of medium. These calendars make up a a series that has focused on varying themes of Trinidad and Tobago. I believe in creating local content that features the culture, history and beauty of our country. The high-quality calendar, with its 12 gorgeous landscape photographs, not only adds an element of beauty when displayed, but also helps to keep you organized throughout the year. Printed locally as well, this collector’s item has found its way into many homes and offices and makes a beautiful gift for friends locally and abroad. 


Email Ariannmieka@gmail.com.


Available at:

Rainy Days Gift Shop in Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval 

Paper Based Bookshop in Normandie Hotel, St. Anns

National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago Gift Shop, Mille Fleurs (Queens Park Savannah)10am - 2pm in person and anytime online.


Those who are fortunate to call Trinidad and Tobago home sometimes take the diversity and beauty of our culture and landscape for granted. We seldom take the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the many experiences we have right here and become out of touch. Sometimes it’s through the eyes of visitors, especially those from the diaspora, that we remember and reconnect to the rhythm and essence of our magical twin-island republic. Once rediscovered, stories, memories and facts resurface, restoring a sense of awe and appreciation for what is all around us. This calendar tells a tale about a journey of discovery of one such visitor who (with the aid of a mythical character) begins to reconnect with and remember this wonderful land. I hope this calendar encourages us all, including those who visit for the first time, to explore our land and experience the culture, food, stories and sounds. Just like the visitor in the story, I hope we all renew our love affair with our home as we reaffirm that we are T&T.


Artwork Collaboration 

For the longest time I’ve wanted to do a collaboration with Satori, where he adds his creative input to my photographs. Satori is one of my favourite artists and he is someone who deeply loves this country. I knew that his input in this project would add a new dimension for the viewer to contemplate and enjoy. 


Satori says, “For a full decade Ariann’s photographs have been transporting me, monthly, to places all too familiar, proximate if not taken for granted, yet all the more majestic when seen through the eye of the expert (read: enlightened) other. Naturally then, this year’s collection and the accompanying narrative provoked from me a sort of mirrored journeying, where personal and collective archetypes served as bridges to hidden, unsettled, but no less active worlds, perhaps underlying those that a camera might capture. The eventual recombination of my drawings with her pictures seek to make this journeying more explicit, and hopefully spur the viewer to explorations of their own, whether inward, external or both.”

The two pages at the back of the calendar have additional information about each image which I hope you enjoy. 

$100TT ($120TT in stores) / $20US - 12-month Calendar - 12 inches x 9 inches (closed) - Features the main holidays of T&T, USA, Canada, UK - Gives info about each theme - Room to jot down schedule - Ships Worldwide