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I have been creating calendars for the past 13 years! I am overjoyed that I have been able to document and present my beautiful country in this type of medium. These calendars make up a a series that has focused on varying themes of Trinidad and Tobago. I believe in creating local content that features the culture, history and beauty of our country. The high-quality calendar, with its 12 gorgeous landscape photographs, not only adds an element of beauty when displayed, but also helps to keep you organized throughout the year. Printed locally as well, this collector’s item has found its way into many homes and offices and makes a beautiful gift for friends locally and abroad. 



(Please include: name, address, phone number, amount of copies and delivery preference (shipping, delivery or pick up).


Available at:

Rainy Days Gift Shop in Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval | *Paper Based Bookshop The Writers Centre, 14 Alcazar Street, St. Clair 

*National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago Gift Shop, Mille Fleurs (Queens Park Savannah)10am - 2pm in person and anytime online.

Ink Stop #33 St. Clair Avenue, Corner St. Clair Avenue & Kavanagh Street, St Clair


Trinidad and Tobago beckon with heritage and eco adventures, a rich cultural tapestry, and breathtaking landscapes. In this calendar, I not only showcase the history and landscapes of the nation but also pay homage to some of the many individuals who have profoundly shaped this land. Selecting just 12 impactful figures was a formidable task, even when I decided to make one of my criteria people who have been honored with a national award. Established in 1969, the national awards—the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (which replaced the Trinity Cross), The Chaconia Medal, The Hummingbird Medal, and the Public Service Medal of Merit—undergo a meticulous nomination process supervised by the National Awards Committee.


The featured personalities are Audrey Layne Jeffers, Edward Hernandez, Errol Jones, Harold and Kwailan La Borde, Hazel Ward-Redman, Isabel Teshea, Jit Sukha Samaroo, Ken Morris, Michael Anthony, Dr. Milton McDowall, Molly R. Gaskin, and Sybil Atteck. Each bears a captivating story captured in short biographies accompanying the monthly landscape photographs. While space constraints limit the details, these profiles serve as an introduction to these remarkable figures, and I hope they spur the reader to do more research into their stories. 


A special acknowledgment goes to my grandfather, Dr. Milton McDowall, whose impact resonates through the tales of strangers whose children he played a crucial role in saving. The family takes great pride in your commendable service to the country. This calendar, featuring these extraordinary individuals, is part of a broader project, as each possesses a story that deserves widespread recognition. Their significant contributions have played a vital role in the country’s development.

The two pages at the back of the calendar have additional information about each image which I hope you enjoy. 

$100TT ($125TT in stores) / $20US - 12-month Calendar - 12 inches x 9 inches (closed) - Features the main holidays of T&T, USA, Canada, UK - Gives info about each theme - Room to jot down schedule - Ships Worldwide 

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