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Art Assignment 1 - From Screenshots to Art

As I prepare for the artwork component of my practice-based master's requirements, I have started to reflect on how I will integrate responses from interviews and comments into my art pieces. While I anticipate finding clarity through research and engagement, I need to actively immerse myself in art exhibitions, artist talks, and experimental techniques now to stimulate my creative process.


Today, I came across an article entitled, “How to Make Art from Your Screenshots According to Gina Beavers.” It introduced an assignment excerpted from a book featuring over 50 art projects suited for anyone to try. The excerpt shares the artist’s method of taking online imagery, manipulating it in various ways digitally, and then painting what she created using thick acrylic layers. The book outlines how to do this method and present your artwork digitally or explore recreating it in other mediums like painting, collage, or even apparel design.


This seemed like a perfect assignment to try! Selecting ten images from my screenshot folder, I imported them into Photoshop. Many layers and experiments later, I loved what I came up with. I wanted to do another version and imported it into my phone. Working with the image on a smaller scale using my phone's editing software resulted in a totally different second version.


I am really happy I found this assignment! Click the link above to see the article and try it yourself! What are your impressions of these pieces that I came up with? What emotions or narratives do they evoke?


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