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The Calendar Collection

I've been creating calendars for the past 13 years and I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the process. From brainstorming the themes to embarking on photography adventures to capture the perfect shots, to laying out the calendar, each step brings me joy. Knowing that there are people who genuinely appreciate the final product is incredibly fulfilling for me. While I may not be the best at marketing my work, my family and friends help to get the word out, and I'm always grateful for their support. I especially enjoy my repeat customers who place their orders long before I even begin the layout process!


In this post, I'm excited to share all 13 covers from my calendar collection. Each calendar tells its unique story, and I'm incredibly proud of the body of work I've created over the years. I look forward to making a book that combines all the photographs one day.  For now, I’ll work on the short film. How many of these do you have?



These calendars are really special - You are a one woman promoter of our beautiful (I almost said amazing) country!

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