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Tobago Nature Vibes - Double River Falls

Nature possesses a unique ability to rejuvenate the spirit. Last year, I had a wonderful week immersed in several beautiful nature spots in Tobago, all in preparation for my 2024 calendar. The goal of my trip was to go out every day to shoot. Typically, I’d compile a list of places of interest and decide on the day where I wanted to go. However, for this trip, I had to plan it out in advance as I had a looming deadline to start laying out the calendar. Therefore, it was important to prearrange tours to ensure not just company to trek into the wilderness but also dedicated focus on my photography.


In the end, to my surprise, family and friends happened to be in Tobago (or made it over) at the same time to join me on each excursion! I was overjoyed about that, as going on photography adventures is a lot more fun with others. Throughout this month, I'll share highlights from three of those shoot days. The feeling I had after a week of nature vibes is one that I want to recreate again soon!


Day 1: Hike to Double River Falls


Verse was in Tobago for a family wedding, and on his last day, he was free and had ample time for an adventure before his evening flight. We decided to go to Rainbow Falls, which we had both visited many years ago. I remembered there was a guest house where you could park to start the trek to the falls, so I looked up the contact information. A lady answered and said that a man was available to guide us to the falls that day! We jumped in the car and headed to Goldsborough! 


The guide, who was cutting grass at the time, graciously agreed to stop to take us. As we began to walk, Verse asked about another waterfall called Twin River Waterfalls that was supposed to be nearby. He preferred to go to that one as we had seen the other one before. The guide agreed to take us there instead, but we would need to drive further along the road as the start of the trail was further in. We jumped back into the car, and the three of us ventured along a bumpy dirt road, flanked by tall grass, tall trees, and some cleared land for farming. Parking near the river, we embarked on a picturesque walk. The terrain was not like anything I remember seeing in T&T. The riverbed was wide, and large loose rocks covered the riverbed. The river flowed along part of it but did not take up the entire bed in other areas, so we walked on a mixture of dry rocks and through water.


The walk was about 45 minutes long, and I’m glad we had a guide, as there were a couple of parts I would have chosen a wrong turn. As we approached the falls, the vegetation changed, and vibrant green brush and fauna framed the cascading waterfall in the distance. Like many times in the past, when I get to certain spots along a hike, and I am surrounded by untouched nature, the 1980 film “The Land Before Time” comes to mind.  It was stunning and looked like no one had been there for a long time.


I could hear the water loudly as I slowly took in the surroundings. When we got closer to the fall, we found that a large tree had fallen into the pool. I couldn’t get a clear shot from that angle, so with some help from Verse, I carefully walked along the branches of the tree that were above the water to get to a small perch on the side of the hill. I sat there for a while, enjoying the ambiance, and capturing its beauty. From that vantage point, I could see both waterfalls and framed the shot as best I could, considering the limited space to move. The water was also brown and churned up due to the heavy rains over the last few nights, so I knew between the colour of the water in the pool and the fallen tree, I probably wouldn’t be able to use a photo from this angle for the Calendar.


Verse patiently waited until I finished shooting to swim up to the fall. Getting under the cascading water was difficult as you had to clamber up a slippery rock face and then slide yourself to get under it. I wasn’t sure if I would try to make it, but after seeing him enjoying the cascading fall, I quelled my uncertainty. I thought, “If Verse could do it, so can I!” lol. (I know there was also a real possibility that I could also fall and buss my ass too, lol, but still, I could also make it lol). Verse swam back with me to show me the way, and as I slid my bikini-clad bottom up against the rock to make my way under the fall, I regretted not having board shorts with me to put on. Eventually, I got my head under the fall! The cold water pounded the top of my head and my shoulders! It was glorious ... and it was worth the bum burn. 


I am really happy we decided to check out this fall. Even though I didn’t get the shot I anticipated, I did get shots I loved and ended up using one in the calendar. The image that made it into the calendar was the view that showcased the falls in the distance amid lush foliage in the foreground. For those who have my 2024 calendar it’s the photograph for September! It really encapsulates the essence of untouched wilderness and I felt blessed to see it for the first time. Have you been to this waterfall? Which is your favourite waterfall in Tobago? Let me know in the comments!


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