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Tobago Nature Vibes - Tour with Nature Therapy

Last year, I spent an enchanting week exploring the island's breathtaking nature spots, in preparation for my 2024 calendar. In two previous posts, I shared two of my adventures during that week (adventure 1 link & adventure 2 link), and now, as promised, I'm thrilled to recount the third marvelous shoot day with you. Now, let's dive in!


Day 3: Tour with Kyle of Nature Therapy TT


Embarking on a tour with Kyle of Nature Therapy TT was an experience beyond expectations. I have been following him on Instagram for a while now, so his name immediately came to mind when thinking of a guide to take me on an adventure. What ensued was a day of pure magic, made even more special by the company of my favorite adventure companion, who thankfully made it over to Tobago at the last minute.

Our journey began early morning when Kyle picked us up at the house. Destination: a waterfall along the windward road. En route to the waterfall, we made a pit stop at a local bakery—something Kyle always does with his guests. Driving through an estate adorned with lush fruit trees, Kyle stopped along the way and told us the names of various fruits and plants.


Arriving at Lammy Waterfall after a picturesque 15-minute drive, we found ourselves surrounded by nature's splendor—vibrant greenery, melodious bird songs, and the soothing rush of water. After a short walk, we reached a serene riverbank with a view of the waterfall in the distance. We had to cross several large rocks to get closer to the fall, which ran into a small and deep pool. To get under the fall itself you had to swim across the pool to put your head underneath. Omg, this was such a beautiful spot. As I walked back to the car, I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated that I could have gone home right then and been very satisfied with my day. But there was more to see.


Our next stop was King’s Bay Waterfall—a drive-up spot accessible to all ages and abilities. Kyle told us this was the only drive-up waterfall in T&T and there were facilities including a bathroom and picnic area. This is an ideal spot for a leisurely day out with family and friends. Kyle told us that before Argyle Falls became the most well-known waterfall, this one was it. The water cascaded down the rock face, and into a very small, shallow pool. We did not take a dip here, but after I took some photographs, we sat in the curved seating area enjoying the ambiance of this beautiful spot.

 Next, we headed to Speyside, where Mom got the biggest surprise! Growing up, I always heard tales of a property that my grandparents owned with another couple – a space where my mom and her siblings spent idyllic days lounging and soaking in the tranquility. She vividly described the breathtaking views from the beach and the deck where she read for hours, yet as an adult, she struggled to locate the elusive property. It always sounded so beautiful when she described her time there. I love Tobago, so I wondered why they would sell such a beautiful (sounding) property. She always said that the house needed a lot of repairs, so every time they went, Grandpa spent a lot of his time fixing things. Although I think he loved spending his time working on projects, the other issue was there was no proper road to get there, forcing the adults to navigate steep inclines with heavy bags during each visit.


As we drove through Speyside, Kyle suggested a visit to a lesser-known beach in the area. Mom mentioned the story of the house to him and, to our surprise, Kyle said that the beach we were going to had a house matching that description! Mom's eyes widened in disbelief! I could feel her excitement. Sure enough, we arrived at the very house – sheer serendipity. It was an electric feeling walking around the property. Seeing what they experienced as kids and, at the same time, having my heart break slightly that this wasn’t in the family anymore. I mean, this property is spectacular. The grounds, the view, and THE BEACH. I was in love! I was overjoyed that we finally were able to see it. Mom after all those years, and me for the first time. I joked that if I could, I would go back into the past in a time machine and tell my grandparents to hang on to it! lol “You have grandchildren in the future that LOVE Tobago and would LOVE to live here” I would say. My mom was over the moon for the rest of the trip, telling everyone about the unexpected reunion. The trip took on a newfound significance, complete with a heartwarming tale of rediscovery and nostalgia.


After a delightful lunch at Sharon & Phebe's in Charlotteville, we drove to Fort Campbleton—a historical landmark offering panoramic views of Man-O-War Bay, Charlotteville, and Pirate’s Bay. As we soaked in the breathtaking scenery, I couldn't help but reflect on the day's adventures with gratitude.


We had an incredible day with Kyle! What's truly remarkable is that this entire tour took us to places I had never visited before! Despite my regular visits to Tobago since birth, I've always explored, venturing into hikes, waterfalls, and scenic drives. However, none of these spots had crossed my path until now. When I tell you, it was an absolutely magical experience!


Kyle offers a variety of tours spanning different parts of the island, and I wholeheartedly recommend him. His genuine love for Tobago and the power of nature shines through in every aspect of his tours. Kyle went above and beyond to ensure Mom could navigate the rocky terrain to witness the first waterfall, encouraging her every step of the way. During the drive, he also takes his guests to local shops, supporting small businesses along the way.


Another thing that truly impressed me about Kyle is his dedication to preserving Tobago's natural beauty. He actively collected trash along our journey, expressing his dismay at the sight of litter tarnishing our pristine sites. His commitment to the environment is truly commendable, and it is something we should all strive toward. If you're planning a trip to Tobago, I highly recommend considering a tour with Kyle. Click here for the link to his Instagram! Tell him I sent you and let me know all about it. Have you gone to any of these spots? 

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01 de abr.

I agree Kyle is a gem that Tobago and by extension our country has. I loved the photo with the fish swimming at the waterfall coming for the food that Kyle brought for them

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