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Collage O’clock.

Today was a long day and I knew I was too tired to focus on some classwork that I needed to do. I wanted to decompress, so I pulled out a visual journal notebook that I have never used! After all, I still had to share a blog post as part of my challenge, and journaling or doing something creative is a wellness practice I would love to share! Whether you use a prompt, do a gratitude list, or free write, journaling does not need to be a long process. For some, it may be more fun to draw or make a collage, which is the option I went with tonight. I saw the word 'high' in a magazine and soon the word 'spirit' presented itself, so I chose a couple of images to go with that theme. The video above shares the process of making my quick collage. What a fun Sunday evening activity! It allowed my creativity to flow and helped me to unwind before bed! I will definitely pull out this visual journal notebook again!


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