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Design, decor, photography! Yes please!

Photographing interior design and architectural spaces is something I enjoy! I love coming into a newly renovated or redesigned space, not only to document the room but also to admire the design and décor aspect as well! On Instagram, I love to look at interior design pages such as Architectural Digest, in which one day I will have a photograph (or 25), the Jungalow, Blessed Little Bungalow, Studio Faith Blakeney and interior photographer’s pages like Lisa Petrole. I meticulously and excitedly look at the design and décor aspects of the room but also break apart the photograph, analyzing how it is lit and composed. Interior photography is another area I want to shoot more this year, so designers and real estate agents hit me up! :)

I took the photographs above for the uber-talented Toni Crockett Design team! I love everything they do, and I always mention their name when talking about stunning home makeovers! You need to check out their IG page to see Toni and her team's beautiful work, especially the shocking before and after posts. These photographs are of a new WrapWorks branch when it opened, and the entire design was eye-catching and vibrant, giving off such a fun and inviting energy! I felt blessed to capture this space!


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