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DJ Ari - Mountain Mix Playlist

Mountain Mix, Morning Magic, Big Screen Jamz. I love making (and naming) playlists in my Apple Music app to suit the occasion, time of day, or mood! Music accompanies my days and is one of the tools in my wellness arsenal to help change my mood or alter my energy level when needed! Play some soca and I can run for 30 minutes. Feeling tired when I need to get dressed to go out after a long day? I just need to put on a good mix while Im getting dressed, and I'll be there! (Probably after a 20-minute nap as well if I’m really really tired lol).

It’s Friday night, so I want to share 16 of the tunes in my Mountain Mix for you to check out at some point during the weekend! This playlist features a mix of reggae songs that are all vibesy but have slightly different tempos. Whether more on the slow side or upbeat, these songs in the playlist have a chill, uplifting vibe that I can enjoy any time of the day. I would love to hear what you think of the selection! Also, you can suggest some songs for me to check out! I enjoy all genres, so send away!

1. Nobody Man by Sevana

2. Rapture by Koffee

3. Rain Shower by Sizzla

4. Same Prayer (feat. Kabaka Pyramid) by Chronixx

5. Skyline Drive by Keznamdi

6. Lighter (feat Shenseea & Rvssian) by Tarrus Riley

7. I Know by Bob Marley & The Wailers

8. Zion In a Vision by Garnett Silk

9. Hey Baby (feat Mos Def) Stephen Marley

10. So Brutal by Chronixx

11. Bout Noon by Protoje

12. Big Bad Sound (feat. Chronicle) by Chronixx

13. Fight the Fight by Mortimer

14. Higher Place (feat. Bob Marley) by Skip Marley

15. Hills by Protoje

16. Somewhere Wonderful by Ras-I

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