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Food for thought.

I had a wonderful afternoon into the evening (into the night) in Talparo today. By the time I drove home, it was close to midnight, and even though I had dinner at the event, at this point, I was feeling a bit hungry. I started heating a vegan sausage on the stove and my mind ran on a discussion after one of the presentations earlier. Dr. Rita Pemberton, a well-known historian in T&T, presented the history of agriculture in the country, and a question led to the conversation about how much of the food we consume here in T&T are imported items. A visiting American student at the event shared that another professor told them that imported food makes up 90% of the population's diet. 90%! I knew it was probably a high percentage but did not consider it was that high. As I ate my imported sausage, which is not something that I would consume every day for the record, I reflected on this conversation. I wondered what an entirely, locally grown diet and food list would consist of and what it would take to raise the percentage of locally consumed food in this country.


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