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Food Photographer or Taste tester?

My beautiful and talented friend Jeunesse and I created a magazine! I am so proud of the two issues we have released, and we are working on new material for upcoming issues right now. While I am looking forward to producing useful, engaging and consciously driven content, I also cannot wait to see what recipes Jeunesse comes up with! She makes the best food. She is very innovative and thoughtful in what she wants to present. If you are not following her on Instagram, you should check out her page: The Youthful Vegan!

Food photography is another type of photography I enjoy, but I especially love the shoots of Jeunesse’s food because right after I finish (and many times in between), I get to taste everything! Pictured above are photographs I shot for the Chickpea ‘Tuna’ Salad and the ‘Tuna’ Melt recipes! This recipe is so easy to make! Check out how to make it in issue 1 of the magazine! Let me know when you try it!

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