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Landscapes and Legacies - The 2024 Calendar

My 13th Calendar is out! I have received great feedback for the calendar! People have expressed their joy in learning about the featured individuals. Learn more about the calendar through these two videos, offering a sneak peek and a behind-the-scenes look from my photoshoots.

I cannot believe I have been making calendars for so long. I remember the first one so clearly. I had just participated in my first joint exhibition with 2 friends, and somehow the idea to present my work in the form of a calendar came to the forefront. I remember curating that first calendar, selecting 12 of my art pieces as the imagery and bringing them to life in the form of a calendar. Little did I know, it was the beginning of a beautiful tradition that would become a cherished series.


Local Love: From Homes to Offices

I am overjoyed that my calendars find a home in many households and offices, both locally and across the globe. Printed right here in Trinidad & Tobago, these calendars have become a testament to our rich culture, history, and beauty.


This Year: A Tribute to Nation Builders


For 2024, the calendar pays homage to some of the many individuals who have profoundly shaped T&T. Choosing just 12 figures was no easy feat, but their short profiles included are a beacon illuminating the stories of our nation builders.

 Let me know which person’s story was new to you or who you were pleased to learn about!



(Please include: name, address, phone number, amount of copies and delivery preference (shipping, delivery or pick up).


Available in stores:

Rainy Days Gift Shop in Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval | *Paper Based Bookshop The Writers Centre, 14 Alcazar Street, St. Clair 

*National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago Gift Shop, Mille Fleurs (Queens Park Savannah)10am - 2pm in person and anytime online.

Ink Stop #33 St. Clair Avenue, Corner St. Clair Avenue & Kavanagh Street, St Clair



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