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Self portrait y Frida.

I needed a photograph for something that I am too shame to say what it is for specifically, as it is something I should have submitted a long time ago (Oops lol)! That meant I had to do a quick setup and take some self-portraits this evening. I used one light and a white pop-up backdrop, which is still open because I never remember how to close it to fit it back into its bag lol. Looking through the contact sheet of some of the images I took tonight, I remembered a Frida Kahlo exhibition called 'Making Herself Up' that I saw at the V&A in London in 2018. This exhibition showcased a collection of her clothes and personal items for the first time outside of Mexico. What struck me was the number of self-portraits she painted and were included in the show. I love portraiture and endeavor to photograph more of this type of photography this year. I have always wanted to do more self-portraits as well, not only to practice setups and document myself as the years go by but now inspired by Kahlo, to tell a story, reflect and reveal.

* Time machine to 2018: The second image is at the garden at the V&A posing in a sculpture called ‘Frida Kahlo in Flowers’ designed by florist Philippa Craddock to celebrate exhibition.


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