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To the Women in my life.

Today is International Women’s Day, so I thought a post that acknowledges and sends love to all the women in my life would be best suited! Smart, strong, beautiful, kind, caring, creative, fun, accomplished, self-assured, fearless, and dedicated, these women (and there are many of them), inspire, uplift, support, and have all helped to shape me.

  • I am motivated by your successes and confidence.

  • I continue to learn tenacity, compassion, forgiveness, and humility as I witness you move through the ups and downs, overcoming and learning from mistakes.

  • I am thankful for the guidance, grace, and kind words when I go through the same.

  • I am delighted by your spirit, inner beauty, and fun-loving energy.

  • I am uplifted and sustained by your love, generosity, care, and support.

  • I am grateful for the time and the memories made with each of you.

  • I am excited and proud of your accomplishments, and you inspire me to keep improving.

  • I am grateful for the love that you give me.

  • I am thankful and blessed to have you all in my life.


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2 kommentarer

14. mar. 2023

Lovely tribute to these wonderful women in your life!

Synes godt om
Ariann Mieka
Ariann Mieka
14. mar. 2023
Svarer til

Thank you! :) Blessed to have so many lovelies!

Synes godt om
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