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Late night salad.

Late night dinner again but this time I felt for chickpeas! I didn't want the meal to take a long time to prepare, and although the recommendation for my predominant dosha is that I eat warm cooked food, I wanted a salad! This salad was easy to make and to satisfy my dosha lol, I didn't eat the chickpeas raw. I put them in a pyrex dish with onion, green seasoning, olive oil, and a dash of lemon juice. I baked the chickpeas for 20 mins in the toaster oven while preparing the other items. I washed and chopped the lettuce, cut green olives in half, cut up one cucumber, and tossed it in a bowl with olive oil and cranberries. Once the chickpeas cooled slightly, I tossed them in. This salad was delicious! It hit the spot and I ate a lot of it, so I was full and happy at the end of my meal! Thankful! Drop your favorite quick and easy salad masterpieces in the comments for me to try!


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This salad looks appetizing - what about a salad with beetroot, tomato and kale with some avocado on the side? mmm!

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Ariann Mieka
Ariann Mieka
16 mar 2023
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ohh yes! This sounds fab! Especially the Avo on the side! Thanks for reading! :)

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