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March Blog Challenge Part 2

Last night while nursing my carnival 2024 injury (funny not so funny story), I came across a timelapse video in my camera roll. It captured the evolution of a drawing I was painting. I hadn’t seen the video nor the painting for a while and when I looked at the date affixed to the video, I realized this was done last March when I challenged myself to write on my blog every day for the month!


“I should do that challenge again this March!” I thought to myself. And just like last year, I realized that March was starting the very next day. Lol. So, I’m taking the same approach I took last year. Instead of psyching myself out thinking I don’t have enough time to prepare, I shall start with this introductory post, announcing my intent to blog every day for March! Let’s see how this goes! Here’s to a fabulous month of writing, creating, and sharing!



Mar 02

So glad you decided to challenge yourself again! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with during the Maddening days of March!

Replying to

Thank you! I look forward to sharing! 🤗

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