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Musings - After the Bob Marley Movie

Today, I went to see the Marley movie for the second time. While I won't dive into specifics to avoid spoilers, I must confess: the soundtrack is nothing short of outstanding! As a lover of Bob’s music, I had to resist the urge to belt out the tunes and dance in the aisles of the people’s cinema. However, what I will share are the thoughts that lingered with me long after the credits rolled.


The music industry is such a tough place to navigate, yet Bob was able to work with the right people, including Chris Blackwell, who became a staunch proponent of his music. This, among other factors, enabled Marley to carve out a remarkable career surrounded by individuals who believed wholeheartedly in the vision. That alone is not an easy task to accomplish, especially as an artist from the Caribbean.


It's truly awe-inspiring when someone defies the odds and ascends to great heights. Considering Bob's humble beginnings, the odds of him not only breaking into the music industry but also becoming an icon seem astronomical. Witnessing him confidently express his needs to Chris Blackwell to create the album showcased in the film, who then sourced whatever was needed, underscored Marley’s undeniable talent and value.


What's also remarkable is that Marley didn’t succumb to the fate of many artists in the music industry who produced unforgettable songs but ended up destitute. He wielded enough influence and wisdom to navigate the industry on his own terms, creating a substantial legacy and financial security for his family for generations.


Watching the movie, I couldn’t shake the feeling that fate intervened, aligning the stars to ensure Bob's message reached the world—a message as vital as those of other prophets whose words and art continue to inspire and illuminate the world.


I have always been in awe of his story, and these reflections are just a reminder of how fortunate we are to receive music from such a prolific artist. May Bob Marley's music continue to uplift and guide lives for generations to come.


While I did this painting, I listened to the Exodus album. In the video, I am singing along to the song “Waiting in Vain”. What are your favourite Bob Marley tunes? Share them in the comments.


Apr 01

very impressed and I agree with you Marley was extra-ordinary!


Mar 30

Belly full is my favorite. And nice harmonies ☺️

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