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From Blah to Bliss: Boost Your Mood with Movement


The other night, I found myself feeling tired and out of sorts. An upset stomach had been bothering me, draining my energy, and leaving me feeling blah. Determined to shake off the lethargy, I decided to do yoga, focusing on poses known to soothe the stomach and boost energy levels. However, after a couple of poses, I realized I needed to do a routine that would also wake me up! I had a long to-do list, and I felt like doing none of it.


My mind ran to Sah D’Simone, a guy on Instagram that my sister and I follow. His posts often feature spontaneous dances or uplifting messages, and my sister and I enjoy them. My sister says he reminds her of me, as the stuff he is doing or saying is something I would as well.  I do always talk about the power of movement to lift spirits, whether through a nature walk, impromptu dance session, or simply getting up and stretching. Although I had never attended any of his workshops or watched his dance technique videos, I decided to give one a try.


Finding a video on YouTube, I prepared to get moving. As I started following along, I couldn't help but feel a little self-conscious and silly. Allowing my body to move freely, I giggled at the thought of someone walking in and witnessing my antics. Yet, I persisted, making the movements bigger, which made me laugh at myself even more and helped to lift my mood instantly.


As the movements grew more challenging, I began to work up a sweat, realizing this was more than just a casual dance. This was a workout! The video combined dance sequences with mantras, encouraging participants to move and recite affirmations simultaneously. I certainly did not replicate the moves perfectly, but I kept moving, feeling the energy course through my body. After the dance segment, Sah guided a seated breathing exercise and meditation.


After completing the routine, I was busy gathering my books to start back working, and I suddenly noticed how I felt. I had more energy, and I was in a lighter mood!  It was a stark reminder of the power of movement to shift one's mood. Though it may not always be the first thing we feel like doing when we're feeling low, more often than not, it's precisely what we need. I encourage you to incorporate movement into your day, not just for your physical health but also for your overall well-being and mood.


Here is the link to the video! If you give it a try, let me know how it goes, and feel free to share other somatic dance videos you enjoy!

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24 de mar.

Looking forward to the follow up blog post where you publish the video of you performing those dance moves! Lol

Ariann Mieka
Ariann Mieka
24 de mar.
Respondendo a

Pahaahahaha yeah that's not happening. That's for my giggles only. 😁 Thanks for reading!

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