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Yoga to unwind - Attempt # 2


This evening, I arrived home feeling drained! I had a good Sunday, and I did a lot of Sunday-ish things, such as tidying, folding clothes, and washing my hair! I also spent a delightful afternoon with my twin nephews, family, and some of my favorite people. By the time I returned home, I was hot, sticky, and exhausted. Unfortunately, I couldn’t just shower and relax immediately as responsibilities awaited me.


After completing my tasks, I realized I needed to decompress and stretch to re-center myself before bedtime. A friend had an upsetting incident, and it was still weighing heavily on my mind, so I knew I needed to seek release from the negative energy. I knew that even though I was tired, yoga would be the best thing to do! I am supposed to practice yoga regularly for my knee anyway, so this strengthened my resolve to do it. Though I was limited during my last attempt, due to my injury, tonight felt like the perfect opportunity to pick up where I left off.


Opting for a routine by Sarah Wes, I rolled out my mat and began.  Once again, I was limited in what movements and poses I could do. I was surprised about this because my knee has been feeling much better. I improvised wherever I found I couldn't do the move, and after my session, I felt much better. The practice, though challenging at times, infused me with energy and mental clarity. I am so thankful I could practice before bed!


Now, with renewed determination, I am committed to incorporating exercises, yoga, and swimming into my routine this week. Feel free to ask me about my progress and hold me accountable! lol. I wish everyone a fantastic week ahead. If you have the chance, try this yoga routine, and let me know how it goes!


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Mar 26

Hmmn at that fast pace - the yoga didn't look relaxing at all! Or maybe that's my excuse for not trying it! - So maybe with the guidance of Sarah Wes, there's a possibility that I could get some relaxation too

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