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Sights and Sounds in Matelot - A short Film


In my previous post, I shared the highs and lows of my recent trip to Matelot, including the heartbreak of a malfunctioning camera lens and the absence of my phone, which I accidentally left at home. I love taking videos on my phone so that when I am at home, I can put a video together of my adventures. Since I had no phone, I started taking videos with my camera from the beginning of the trip. When my lens malfunctioned, I could still take video, but I couldn’t focus or see what I was shooting clearly. I persevered though, and I captured footage that encapsulates the essence of my unforgettable trip. If you missed it, check out my previous post for all the details of my Matelot adventure! I hope you enjoy the video!

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26 mar

Very interesting - it really looks like a trip of discovery. So many beautiful shots many of random items - like was that a nutmeg? And the dwelling of Sister Rosario? - this video makes me want to visit even more than before

Me gusta
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