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Sunday Mission: Craft Your Mission Statement.

What is the purpose of your life? Have you spent time reflecting on this seemingly esoteric question? Do you have an answer?

The busyness of life consumes many of us. We are focused on progressing in our current career paths and have never considered whether our job (or other activities we are spending time on) align with our purpose. Some of our current jobs were what naturally came next, and we never stopped to think whether this was what we really wanted to do with our lives.

Whatever your situation, I invite you to do some reflection. A “purpose check-in” analyses whether you are on a path that matches your purpose. Note: Your job isn’t the only way to do this. Sometimes you may need to stay in a particular job for financial reasons, but you can dedicate a little of your spare time to activities that align with your path. Knowing and following your purpose can be more about spending more time on what you deem vital, however, that fits into your life.

A couple of years ago, I did an exercise daily where I thought about my purpose for a couple of minutes. I would write a short statement that included my traits and passions, what I wanted to bring to the world, and who I wanted to benefit from my work. This statement wasn’t the same every day, and for one month, I kept reflecting, writing, and rewriting until it felt like the correct fit. I have found this to be a valuable activity and think it’s something that everyone should try. It does not need to be a lengthy statement, and you can revisit it once a week.

This statement becomes a personal mission statement for your life. Similarly to how companies have one for their business, this mission statement serves to motivate, ground, help you make decisions, and keep you aligned. It’s kind of like your North Star. I put links below to various articles and exercises that got me going. I hope you will try this exercise and let me know how it goes!


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