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To Central, we go!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

For one of my cultural studies classes, we go on outings all over Trinidad (and hopefully in Tobago in the future) to attend events or see different sights. Each student must spearhead at least one of the outings during the year, so my classmate Shane took us to visit his area, Central Trinidad. He is interested in spaces and objects and curated a wonderful visit for us. We all met in St. Augustine and piled into a bus. A couple of extra people joined us on the outing, including a famous Indian folk singer Ms. Rukiminee Holass Beepath, who shared a song with us during the trip. The first stop was to get bread and channa for breakfast at Nick’s Café, one of the well-known spots. Going to this shop is a must when you are on that side, and I have been on that side many times before, but I guess I was not in the know lol. I had never had bread and channa together as a sandwich, and I chose to put chow mein with mine while others chose to add cheese. It was yummy and filling!

After that, we got going with the trip’s main itinerary, which included two Hindu cremation sites, the Hanuman Murti, the Temple in the Sea, and a pottery factory, where we watched an artisan at work (which I featured here). After that, it was time to get lunch, but the 'best roti shop in central', which I was dreaming about by then, was closed, so we settled on lunch at a gyro spot. After that roti shop was hyped up so much, I definitely want to try it in the future! Next, we headed to Shane's studio to see his work (you can see his work here!) and make little pinch pots from some clay! I love using clay and do not get to do it very often, so that was such a fun activity! S’s work is incredible. I am so happy he brought us to his studio, where I felt inspired by his work and am now even more motivated to create my own art space at home!

Even though I have been to some of these places before, it is always fun to go with a different group and have the opportunity to learn more! Big thanks to Shane for a wonderful experience!


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