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Tobago Nature Vibes - Little Tobago

Last year, I spent an enchanting week exploring the island's breathtaking nature spots, in preparation for my 2024 calendar. In a previous post, I shared one of my adventures, and now, as promised, I'm thrilled to recount another marvelous shoot day with you. Let's dive in!


Day 2: Trip to Little Tobago


While I've photographed Little Tobago from afar several times in the past, during this trip to Tobago, I really wanted to set foot on the island itself and capture its beauty through my lens.


Luckily, like my first photoshoot day at the waterfall, two family friends were keen to join me on this excursion before their flight back to Trinidad later that night. Setting off early in the morning with a driver, we began the hour-long journey to Speyside on Tobago's northeast coast. The sky was gloomy, and it started to rain heavily. "With this weather, would I capture photographs I could use for the calendar?" I wondered. While I would still enjoy photographing the adventure regardless, I prefer to use photos that have blue skies for the beach and landscape scenes.. The driver told us not to worry about the weather, as even though it was raining where we were, he was sure it would not be raining in Speyside. He was right. When we arrived, the skies were mostly clear.


At Blue Waters Inn, a beautiful hotel in Speyside, the glass bottom boat awaited us, surrounded by other passengers ready to embark on the adventure. The sea was choppy that day, stretching our journey beyond the expected 20 minutes. As we sailed, my thoughts drifted to my mother, who I imagined wouldn't have fared well on this rough sea voyage. I, on the other hand, don’t usually feel seasick, and I enjoyed looking out at the swells in the open ocean and the waves crashing onto the rocks on the coast of Goat Island as we sailed by.


Finally reaching Little Tobago, the guide led us along the trails through the vibrant green foliage of this beautiful sanctuary. Aptly named a bird-watching paradise, the island is home to various seabirds, including the Red-billed Tropicbird. Also known as Bird of Paradise Island, this mountainous and rugged island gets this other name from the previous owner, who imported 24 Birds of Paradise from New Guinea. These birds nested there for years, but most of the birds died during a hurricane that hit the island. The island now belongs to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago as per the wish of the previous owner, who stated it remains a bird sanctuary.


As we traversed the island's trails, our guide regaled us with tales of its history, while pointing out the flora and other fauna. A family of chickens wandered by and the guide shared that they don’t know how they got there. Giggling, I thought, “This island has such a cool vibe!” You feel immersed in nature, and every corner holds a surprise, a feature to explore. To maintain fresh water for the birds, officials come during the week and tote water from the bottom of the hilly island, refilling green containers stationed throughout. Atop the island, we all chatted, under a gazebo while enjoying the breathtaking views of the coastline below. Enjoying the ambiance, we watched as the guides pointed out many birds, including the frigatebirds in their nesting grounds.


As we sailed back, we admired coral gardens through the glass bottom boat, as we headed to Goat Island for snorkeling. I didn’t know there was a snorkeling stop, so I wasn’t prepared. The water looked beautiful though, and I was tempted to jump in for a swim. I didn’t have a towel with me. "Could I drip dry all the way back to the mainland?" I pondered.  Instead, I used the time to photograph Goat Island from the boat, and one of those photographs made it into my Calendar. Next time, I would love to walk around Goat Island and go snorkeling as well! Hopefully, by then, I will have an underwater camera! 


Before driving home, we stopped for a meal at Jemma’s Tree House. We weren’t the only ones with this plan, as three other people from our boat came to the restaurant too! Jemma’s has specific sides that they offer for the table to share, and the kitchen staff prepared an extra, vegan-friendly, dish to add to the table for me. The food was tasty, and we had a lovely meal together.


Day two of my calendar photo shoots in Tobago was a triumph, leaving me both exhausted and elated. Have you had the pleasure of exploring Little Tobago? Share your experiences in the comments below!


Mar 13

Oh this is lovely! I think I enjoyed this trip even more from the photos as I am not sure the rough seas and snorkeling are for me. Perhaps I can choose a time when the water is calm and I can just appreciate the beauty of Little Tobago first hand. - Kudos to the staff who ensure that there is water for the birds - that is such a nice touch.

Replying to

Oh yes, I am sure there is a way to find out when the sea is not as rough! You should definitely try to visit! Thanks so much for reading! 😊

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