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Back at it! My first yoga session

Tonight, I did yoga for the first time since my “too much fun at carnival” related injury. It has been such a fun day, starting with brunch with one of my besties, followed by an afternoon in the sun with my sister and god-nephews at a four-year-old's birthday party! By the time I returned home in the evening, I was drained and overheated, and my body was yearning for a good stretch.


I decided it was time to do some yoga. My favorite Occupational Therapist had recommended yoga as part of my knee-strengthening and stretching regimen, so I turned to one of my go-to teachers Sarah Wes. I love her videos. The scenery, the poses, her narration style, and just the general vibe —all contribute to a calming experience.


As anticipated, I couldn't execute every move flawlessly. I couldn’t stretch my right knee all the way out still, and draping myself forward and over my outstretched right leg was tough. Child’s pose and other knee-intensive poses were off-limits. However, to my surprise, I could do cat-cow poses, adapting them to not put too much pressure on my knee.


It felt great to stretch and move my body. I was enjoying the workout, but at one point, I felt like crying. The pain and the reminder that I’m not one hundred percent better yet, got to me for a second. But with each breath and fluid movement, that emotion lifted, leaving me feeling more grounded and at peace.


Reflecting on this experience, I'm filled with gratitude for the progress that I have made. I look forward to re-reading this post in a month's time and seeing how far I have come. I know I need to dial up the patience meter (lol) as I continue to strengthen, stretch, and show this knee some love and gratitude. In the meantime, I invite you to explore this yoga sequence. I hope it brings you some peace and balance whenever you try it out. Namaste. 


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Mar 10

Your Yoga Session still looked easy - almost encouraged me to try but not at that pace of course! Keep it up

Replying to

Lol well you can follow Sarah Wes. I included the link. She is moving at regular speed. Hee hee. Thanks for the encouragement! It wasn't easy but it felt good! Hope you try it out 😊

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