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Watercolour Wishes - Greeting Card Artwork

I love making cards for my loved ones. Back in the day, I used to have a card line called “The Audrey Cards” named after my wonderful grandmother. Each card featured one of my photographs on the front and remained blank inside for personalization.

I still have a few from that line and would love to print more, but nowadays, I enjoy crafting watercolor pieces on cardstock to give to my lovelies. The video above showcases the card I created for my niece, who is gearing up to take the SEA exam next week. Tomorrow, we'll gather to celebrate her and provide encouragement before the big day. (Hopefully, there will be dancing). To her and all the other children taking the exam, I extend my best wishes. May they remain calm, connect with their breath, and transform nervous energy into excitement as they tackle the test to the best of their ability.

As for the message inside the card, I haven't finalized it yet, but it will express our love and support for her. I'll convey how proud she makes us as she continues to shine brightly every day in all she does. I'll reassure her that she's prepared and urge her to simply do her best on the day. Lastly, because I believe in the power of mindful breathing exercises, I will encourage her to close her eyes before she starts and do some deep breathing. I will explain that to make herself feel calmer and more centered, she should make her exhales longer than the inhales.

Hope you enjoy the art video. The song I’m singing while working is High Tide or Low Tide by Bob Marley!

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Mar 18

Yes Big up to all the young people writing their SEA! Just remember all the hard work is almost over and you can now enjoy your vacation and get ready for the best term in your primary school before your next adventure!

Replying to

Yes! The term after SEA is wonderful and their vacation will be even sweeter! Thanks for reading along!

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