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8 minutes to the center.

Yesterday I shared a breath work practice, and today I am sharing an audio recording of it so that it's easier to follow along. All you have to do is find a quiet spot and press play. See below for a recap of the sections!

When we're having a busy day, our wellness practices are the first to get cut out of the routine to save time. In my experience, this is not the way to go, as my day ends up rushed and unfocused, especially if I skip meditation! I hope this post serves as a reminder to pause and at least enjoy 5 mins of meditation, reflection, or intentional breathing during your day! Even just sitting in nature can work wonders for your well-being!

*Recap of the 3 sections:

Part 1: Audible Sigh Exhale

Part 2: Inhale for 4, Exhale for 8

Part 3: Bee’s Breath


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