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Shakti Mat-ing, 20 minutes to Peace.

I have spent the last few days staring at my laptop screen for too long as I had a paper due. I submitted my work around midnight. By then, my eyes were bloodshot, and my brain fried! There are so many decompressing activities that I keep in my arsenal for moments like these, but I wanted something that did not include thinking, too much preparation, or anything that needed my eyes to be open lol! I narrowed it down to doing a meditation session, having a bath in the tub by candlelight, or the activity I ended up doing, which was lying on my Shakti Mat for 20 minutes. When I tell you my Shakti Mat is one of my favorite possessions, I am not kidding. I do not always use it when I should, but once I remember to pull it out, I wonder why I don't use it every night.

Last year my aunt had an issue with her shoulder, and for two days, she was in pain while she waited for an appointment with a doctor. One night she came out of her room, her face highlighting her discomfort. I suggested she try my Shakti Mat as I knew it would help the pain dissipate or, at the very least, give her a moment of relaxation. Handing it to her, she looked skeptical, but I guess she was desperate for relief, so she carried it off to try in her room. Within 10 minutes, she came out of her room with a look of shock, holding the mat as if it were some witchcraft tool. I laughed as she exclaimed that her pain was completely gone! She took the mat back inside to complete the 20 minutes and was fine the next day! That has also been my experience with the mat when I have back pain and it always makes me feel so calm as well!

Essentially, the Shakti Mat is an acupressure mat, and the makers of the one I use explain that “Like yoga and meditation, acupressure begins with discomfort. As you learn to let go and invite the pressure in, you're rewarded with deep and restorative relaxation.” Now, I should mention for those who don’t know, the mat has many sharp spikes. Lying on them may be very intense for some, so you can start with a layer of clothing that provides the right amount of padding for your comfort level. I think everyone should give it a try! The one I got is from this company (link), and besides the promise of quality materials, craftsmanship, and sustainable practices, they also say the employees receive a proper wage and “an emergency medical fund, and investment in the education of their children.” They also say that 10% of the profits go to charitable causes.

Have any of you ever tried the Shakti mat? Let me know if you do!

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2 Kommentare

Looks like I need to get a Shakti Mat - or borrow yours?

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Ariann Mieka
Ariann Mieka
24. März 2023
Antwort an

Lol yes you need it! You can definitely borrow mine! Can't wait for you to try it! Thanks for reading!

Gefällt mir
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