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Sing along to the waves.

There is something about the sound of waves that always seems to help ground and balance. After spending even a few moments by the sea, you feel at peace and rejuvenated. The entire beach environment to be fair, brings this calm vibe, with the fresh sea breeze, immersing yourself in the salt water, and relaxing under the shade of a coconut tree. But, I mean, the sound of waves is an option on all sleep machines for a reason, lol, so this is probably the top element in bringing that zen back into your life. The short video clip I am sharing showcases a few beautiful sunset scenes at the beach in Tobago. Watching the sunset every evening is one of my favourite things to do in Tobago, and singing some Bob Marley just seemed right to add to the vibe. I love singing and Bob is my favourite artist, so I share two songs from his Acoustic Medley track! Putting this together, I heard the waves several times during editing, and afterward, I felt so relaxed. I hope the video does the same for you. I wish everyone a beautiful week ahead!

*Thanks for the microphone, bro! I finally used it for this, and I can't wait to record more! Thankful for you!

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Your beautiful voice is perfect for this piece - I almost wrote peace as that is how I felt

Ariann Mieka
Ariann Mieka
Mar 25, 2023
Replying to

So happy to hear that! ✨ Thanks for reading and listening 😊

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